Image courtesy of Pioneer Magazine, Defence Media Centre, MINDEF Singapore

(Note: This is an extension of a series of earphones reviews I did for Pioneer Magazine in 2011.)

The Hippo Shroom-i is a very revealing and detailed earphone. This one will sit well with lovers of Jazz and Classical music. Sweet high end complements a firm midrange, resulting in a silky-smooth reproduction of your favourite tunes. Soundstage is not very expansive, although stereo seperation is accurate.

Very tight bass response, but not as punchy as I would have liked. Bass is present, but definitely not the star of the show. Fit is not very good for my large canals as well, had much trouble getting a good seal in my left canal. That said, once I achieved a good seal, earbuds became quite comfortable. High end is very very detailed without being fatiguing; detail freaks will definitely dig how revealing these earphones are. However, I thought that the reproduction felt a bit flat because of the overly revealing nature of the earphones, and the strident highs and high-mids caused the reproduction to lack a bit of spunk and attitude.

The Shroom-i definitely doesn’t do well with dance or rock music, although it did very well with smooth jazz and classical. Cables are very microphonic too, transmitting a lot of noise when the cables brushed against my shirt fabric. All in, this is a reasonably-priced earphone for music lovers who enjoy delicate and intricate genres of music.

The Shroom-i lists for S$88 at Jaben Network, #04-11, The Adelphi, Singapore. Visit jaben.net for more details!

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