Courtesy of Pioneer Magazine, Defence Media Center, MINDEF

Image courtesy of Pioneer Magazine, Defence Media Centre, MINDEF Singapore


(Note: This is an extension of a series of earphones reviews I did for Pioneer Magazine in 2011.)

Big bass response and a good midrange presence make this earphone very versatile, but dance and rock music lovers will likely reap the most enjoyment.

Bass is generous and punchy but not flabby. It should be sufficient for all but the most hardcore of bassheads. Bass is not as tight as higher-end multi-driver IEMs but for a S$48 dynamic driver earphone, its a pretty good deal. Midrange is as it should be – human voices and string instruments cut through well, and are reproduced with surprising aplomb. Soundstaging is decent, with good seperation; instruments appear where they should be in the stereo field. Of course, not as expansive as a pair of open cans. High end is a bit veiled, with some loss of detail and sparkle. There is some driver crackle at higher volumes, as well when trying to produce some strident high end. That said, its not a deal-breaker and can help make extended listening sessions less fatiguing. Fit is surprisingly good, considering that I had all but given up on universals since going custom – my large ear canals make it difficult to achieve a good seal. All in, a very very good value for the price and worth considering as a gift, a cheap backup to your main IEMs, or as something to throw in the office or to go running with.

If you can’t stand the sound of the standard-issue iDevice headphones but have a tight budget, you cannot go wrong with the Hippo White!

The Hippo White lists for S$48 at Jaben Network, #04-11, The Adelphi, Singapore. Visit jaben.net for more details!

[2013 Note] After listening to the review set, I actually went out to buy my own pair of Hippo White earphones, which I used primarily as my running earphones, as well as for casual listening. I still maintain that these are fantastic value for money earpieces.

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