Here’s a quick one for today. Moog synth wizard Paul Vo has come up with a prototype instrument demonstrating an acoustic synthesizer – which messes with the actual physical vibrations of an object to alter or augment the way it sounds. He’s applied it to an acoustic guitar as a demonstration of his concept, but it can probably be used on other stringed instruments as well.

I’m no traditionalist or tone purist, but I must admit that I wasn’t terribly impressed with Vo’s Moog guitar. It was a real looker, but didn’t seem to offer anything terribly new to the electric guitar equation – at least, not something that wasn’t already available on tap via a MIDI pickup ala the Roland GK20. With that in mind, I watched the following video expecting to be terribly underwhelmed – but instead got my mind totally blown:

I don’t see this replacing acoustic instruments – and I definitely wouldn’t hack up my beloved Gibson Hummingbird to install this device. But it definitely adds fresh variety to the range of tonal options available to acoustic musicians – particularly solo instrumentalists. Looking forward to seeing how Moog will put this concept into production!

(via Gizmodo)

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