Image taken from Jaben Thailand website (jaben.co.th)

Image taken from Jaben Thailand website (jaben.co.th)

(Note: This review is an extension of a series of shorter reviews that I wrote for Pioneer Magazine in 2011.)

Much like its sleek industrial aesthetic, the CrossRoads Stainless is very balanced across the frequency spectrum – not too thumpy or piercing.

Resonant bass and silky-smooth midrange make for a smooth and refined listening experience. High end seemed somewhat veiled and reproduction felt very dark and dull at first, but with a bit of burn-in the high end started to come in nicely. Bass is resonant but a tad flabby for my taste. Midrange is very evenly produced, and voices and guitars are nicely reproduced without being too honky. High end is still veiled, but it could be a good thing when it comes to very sibiliant music, or music that contains a lot of high transients. Detail freaks should steer clear though, the high end you’re looking for is not here. Good for jazz and rock, and perhaps classical as well.

Good isolation, comfortable earbuds and muted highs make these earphones a joy to listen to for extended periods, perfect for long bus rides or airplane flights.

The CrossRoads Stainless lists for S$138 at Jaben Network, #04-11, The Adelphi. Visit jaben.net for more details!

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