Courtesy of Pioneer Magazine, Defence Media Center, MINDEF

Image courtesy of Pioneer Magazine, Defence Media Center, MINDEF

(Note: This review is an expansion of a series of shorter reviews that I wrote for Pioneer Magazine in 2011.)

If you’ve gotta fever, for which the only prescription is more bass, then the Hippo VB is the earphone for you! Three interchangeable bass ports allow you to dial in your bass to taste – from polite to massive.

The interchangeable ports really do allow for a wide range of low-end reproduction, and the low end can even rival bass monsters like the Futuresonics Atrios. However, whilst the bass levels on these reasonably priced earphones are very impressive, it is at the expense of high end detail. I’m no detail freak, but these earphones really leave me desiring just a bit more treble to round out my listening experience. This one is strictly for the bass-hungry, and people who yearn for a primal and visceral bass-heavy listening experience. While it is definitely a step up from your stock iBuds, only dedicated bassheads need apply. Let the buyer beware!

Perfect for dance music lovers, and also very suitable for runners who need thumping bass to keep them going strong on long distance runs.

The Hippo VB lists for S$118 at Jaben Network, #04-11, The Adelphi. For more information, visit jaben.net!

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