So. I’m looking for a keyboardist. Of the musical variety.

I’ve recently brought my band automobil out of cold storage, and have started rehearsals again. Rehearsing for what, I’m not sure. Fun, definitely. Shows, maybe. Epicrockstardom? Yew verh funny gai I like yew aredi.

Rockstars, we are not.

Anyway. We’re currently playing as a three-piece, and we’re looking at expanding our sonic palette with a versatile keyboardist. If you’re keen, you should be able to play decently, and know the difference between playing keys and playing piano. Ideally, you should also be obsessed with the Hammond B-3, have a soft spot for the Rhodes and Wurlitzer, and geek out over synths. You should have your own keyboard, or have access to one which you can use for shows or important rehearsals. But please, no epic Rick Wakeman keyboard setups.

Being able to sing harmony vocals will be a big, big plus. Being able to prompt me when I forget my lyrics is an even bigger plus.

We got the feels. Oh yes, we do.

We’re not looking for a virtuoso, but some degree of competence is required. Experience in playing in a band is essential – and live performance experience would be much preferred. Versatility is also important – while we try to keep the music within the alternative rock idiom, we definitely try to shake things up and try songs in different styles. If I have to put a label on it, you should have a grounding in blues and rock, a weakness for prog rock, as well as an interest in modern “alternative” / “indie” rock.

We’re not looking for epic long-term commitment, and you’re welcome to try out and jam with us even if you’re not sure. After all, you’re checking us out as much as we’re checking you out. Erm, in a strictly professional musical ability sense, of course. We don’t plan on breaking up the band anytime soon though, so once we’ve had a few good rehearsals, we’ll need to have a Talk About The Future. Rehearsals are usually fortnightly, if not monthly – caring for my daughter comes first. I’m hoping we can score a few shows in the later part of 2013, but frequency probably won’t be more than once a month.

It’s a crowded stage, but we’ll be happy to squeeze. It gets pretty draughty up there.

We’re not just looking for a sessionist, we’re looking for someone to be a part of the band, to share in things like our love for music, our creative process and our rehearsal room rental fees (jam studio very expensive you know). So ideally you should be Singaporean/PR, or at least plan to be based in Singapore for the long term (for your day job, of course, don’t quit that on our account, ok!). Parting is such sweet sorrow and all that. All ages above 18 welcome, but do know that 2/3 of us are above 30, if that’s an issue for you.

Here’s some samples of what our music sounds like:

If you’ve managed to read this far, you are either extremely keen, or really bored.

If you fall into the latter category, you can just click out from here and visit this page for hours of mindless Internet-based entertainment: The Useless Web.

If you fall into the former category, well done! Here’s how to apply: just fill in your deets in the email response form below! Let me know your name, how I can reach you (besides email), and if you have any past experience, recordings etc please include a streaming audio link (soundcloud preferred, myspace doesn’t work well for me). I’d love to hear how you play!

Don’t shy shy ok!

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