“There’s nothing ever happening here!”

“Ugh, this town is so boring!”

“Why don’t bands ever come here?”

“I have to PAY to go to a show? Ugh!”

I hear things like this, and so many more things being from a small town. I’m sure if you are also from a small town, you’ve heard similar complaints. If you’re like me, it frustrates the hell out of you and the only thing to do is slowly let your soul die. However, if you are someone who does hear those things, and thinks “YEAH! WHAT THE HELL MAN?” or if you’ve ever wondered why your small community’s art scene is dying, then please continue to read on. I will preface this by saying that I am from Port Alberni, a small town on Vancouver Island, so a lot of my examples will be specific to that town. I’m sure you’ll be able…

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