I’ve not said much about my new band – possibly because we haven’t done much. But I reckon since we’re starting to play out a bit more, I should introduce us.


Hi. We are automobil.


automobil initially came together sometime in 2010 – initially as a vehicle (pun intended) for me to perform some music that I’d written following the indefinite hiatus of my former band, Vertical Rush. The band went into hibernation after just two shows, but was brought out of cold storage in 2013, where the band began writing new material and rehearsing in earnest. The band focused on making straightforward rock music without pretensions, but a simple desire to make music that moves us, and our audience. After close to a year of woodshedding, we finally re-debuted with a set at Hood Bar in December 2013:


Here’s some photos of us playing some recent shows: Home Club, Feb 2014 // Hood Bar Dec 2013


I do hope we can get to play a few more shows, and then record an EP or an album by 2015. WIsh me luck.



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