I’m a part-time marketer / paper-pusher, and a full-time dad. I occasionally feel the need to express creative urges by writing.

If you haven’t already guessed, this blog features an eclectic mix of opinions on technology, music gear, life in Singapore and life in general. It basically serves as a repository for thoughts and opinions that I don’t often get a chance to share in meatspace.

I also tend to express my creative urges by writing and performing my own music. You can check out what I’m up to musically over at soundcloud.com/marcuswong. I’ll probably shamelessly plug my own music on this blog, so you probably can’t escape the inevitable onslaught of poorly-mixed and hastily recorded music.

I occasionally tweet from time to time. But being the verbose crank that I am, I tend not to be able to properly develop a thought in anything less than 140 characters. Still, you might be amused or annoyed. So no harm following me at twitter.com/kangcore.


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